?post in the center of the place, and if he h●ad not been able to find some such su▓pport he would have been lying around the same ●public spot.He was a big, greasy, half-breed ni▓gger—I should hate to say negro—and he ●had what, in Jack Tar’s parlance, is▓ known as “a full cargo.” In a ring ▓about him were a score of sailor●s of various nationalities and colors, ▓from plain New Yorkers and Baltimore n●egroes, to East Indians and men from the ●Congo F


ree State, who were making t●he boarding master the butt of ●their raillery.These same men,▓ except, perhaps, the Anglo-Saxo▓ns, would have quailed before t▓his maudlin rascal, sober, whom they were r▓epaying, now, by their ridicule, ●for many a perfidious trick he had pl▓ayed them. I received a franc f●rom the drunken lout as soon as I had made him▓ 90understand the note from the con●sul, and lost no time in leaving it in a resta▓urant.That night I slept on the floor of Joe’▓s house, with

a huge Antigua negro as ●a roommate.The house was a shack bord▓eri